2020 Annual NLSC Christmas Party Cancelled


Due to the ongoing pandemic and health concerns for our members, the NLSC Board of Directors have cancelled the 2020 Annual Christmas Party held at Bonnie’s Lakeside.  This event is our one of our major annual fund raisers, raising funds for trail maintenance.

 If you can and if you want to help fund trail maintenance, we suggest that you use our online Trail Fund donation form to either make an online or use the downloadable form to make a donation equivalent to what you would normally contribute/spend at our annual Christmas fund raising event.  Granted, its not as much fun, but the funds are definitely needed to fund the maintenance on the 186 miles of snowmobile trail maintained by Three Lakes – Brule River Trails this winter.  All donations support our trails.  Thank you for your generosity!

We hope to see you on our trails.  Support our local businesses.  Stay safe!

Link to our Trail Fund donation form: