Three Lakes Snowmobile Clubs Crown Their First Ice Queen

November 2021

 Northern Lights Snowmobile Club and Three Lakes-Brule River Trails Inc has added royalty to represent and promote both organizations at their events and fundraisers. Kallie Volk was crowned “2021-2022 Three Lakes Ice Queen” at a coronation event following the NLSC November membership meeting.

 Kallie, daughter of Charlie and Kari Volk, is a 17-year-old junior at Three Lakes High School, where she is active in sports and clubs. She is Vice President of the student council. She also helps with school plays. Kallie has two older sisters, Karlie and Kortnie. Kallie and her father are very active with the Three Lakes Fish and Wildlife Club. Her family encourages involvement and community service. She volunteers at the town triathlon and at the track events held by the Three Lakes High School Track Team. After high school, Kallie will attend college where she wants to continue her athletic career and complete a degree in the medical field. She expects to continue on to medical school.

 Kallie reminisces about her snowmobiling experience, “As a young girl, I remember riding around on the lake on our Arctic Cat Kitty Cat. My sisters and I learned how to ride on the Kitty Cat. My Dad taught us to ride on this machine before riding our 120 machine. I remember spending hours on the lake with my sisters following the trail dad made with his snowmobile. After taking snowmobile safety, I was able to drive my Skidoo 600 GSX ETEC. I love my white snowmobile!”

 “First and foremost, as the first Three Lakes Ice Queen, I want to be a role model for our youth” says Kallie. “There have been so many people in our community who have shaped who I have become and have supported me along the way, that I feel it is imperative for me to give back to my community. In being a role model for our youth, I will portray my dedication to helping my community and will encourage the youth in Three Lakes to become involved. In addition, as being the Three Lakes Ice Queen, I would like to promote snowmobiling as a fun, family activity, as well as how to safely go about participating in this activity”.

 When it comes to snowmobiling, she loves being able to be outside and spend more time with her family.

 The Three Lakes Ice Queen was the idea and project of Cheyanne Warren, a past Miss Sno-Eagle and member of the Sno-Eagles club in Eagle River. Cheyanne has ties to the Three Lakes-Brule River Trails organization where her parents are members, and her dad is a past trail boss.

 Cheyanne, very qualified to lead a project like this took her idea to both clubs, gained their approval and launched the quest for a Three Lakes Queen. She developed the applications, advertisement flyers, Rules and Regulations, secured volunteer judges, and scheduled the interview and selection process. Her project culminated at the coronation event when she introduced Kallie, presented her with a sash and placed a tiara upon her head. Kallie will also receive a personalized snowsuit from DSG and a scholarship from the snowmobile club. Cheyanne says “Kallie is a very outgoing girl and grabbed the attention of all 5 judges very quickly. Most of the judges focused on eye contact, posture, her clothing choice, and her fluency in speaking. She was very well spoken and confident in all her answers, even the ones she wasn’t sure on”.

 Reg Videgar, current NLSC president – “One of my primary goals as a new president for our club is to create opportunities for youth and their parents, so they can experience and enjoy the sport of snowmobiling and grow our membership in that spirit. This is already an exciting youth story. A respected young lady from another club and community, has the interest and ambition to launch and execute a project that will improve another club in a different community; providing another young lady the opportunity to follow in her footsteps. I see it as a wonderful gift to our club that could lead to more interest of local youth and their parents in our club. My plan is to help Kallie fulfill her expectations in her new role as Ice Queen. I am confident she will be a great ambassador for each of our clubs”.

 Bonnie Zienkiewicz, Three Lakes – Brule River Trails Secretary, “We are excited to have Kallie represent our club & Northern Lights. Kallie is a very outgoing girl that loves snowmobiling and wants to share that with others. In her role as Ice Queen, she will work to get more of our local youth involved in snowmobiling. Our hope is that the youth will become more active in the snowmobile clubs now and in the future”.

 Photo credit: Kizorek Photography, LLC

Three Lakes Ice Queen (graphic version)