A message from our Treasurer:

Not much to say this month folks as we sit back and patiently wait for Mother Nature to bless us with more of that white gold. All we want is to get out on the trails and for a little while, escape the nonsensical reality we currently find ourselves living in.

Fulfilling our responsibility to all our club members near and far, who bear the frown from sleds sitting idle, a few of your fellow club members assembled outdoors around a fire at Bonnie’s Lakeside last Thursday to plead to the snow lords to end the heartaches and the suffering from the lack of snow so far. We did the snow dance and we did it well. We did receive some snow but unfortunately it was not enough to open the trail system. Perhaps, we are not that good of dancers.

To date, we are nearly at 70% of our fundraising goal. Having the trails still closed in Oneida County, the poor trail conditions in our bordering counties, and the lingering effects of Covid-19 has kept many sledders away from our local establishments. Thus, the sales of raffle tickets, including Groom to Ride, are struggling so far. We are not the only club feeling the affect. When snow eventually does come, we expect sales will improve and hopefully we can still meet our goal.

Currently, we have 455 terrific members enrolled in our club, including 69 new members. Welcome to our club! You belong to one of the oldest, largest, most generous and proudest snowmobile clubs in Wisconsin.

In two months, at our March meeting, we will elect a new club President and a new club Secretary for the next two year term. Neither of these positions are difficult or ones to be fearful of. We need candidates to step up and volunteer to serve in these positions. Please, if you have interest in becoming more active in our club, I encourage you to contact us so we can discuss this more with you. You will have fun. We hope to hear from you.

Our scheduled Weenie Roast in still a go in February. I hope to see you there. When the trails do open, please ride safe and be courteous to others along the way. And please respect the precious beauty of the land you ride on.