Northern Lights Snowmobile Club Group Rides:


The club group rides are every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Riders will meet at the Three Lakes Shell station, be fueled and oiled up, and ready to go by the appointed time.  Scenic Rides are kept to around 75-100 miles and normally return to Three Lakes before 4:00PM.  The Spirited Rides are faster paced and range from 150 – 200 miles and return by dark.  Hybrid/Scenic Rides are longer than our Scenic Rides, usually under 125 miles. 

  • Tuesday Scenic Ride Group leaves at 9:30 AM – Open, each week there is a different leader*.
  • Wednesday Spirited Ride Group leaves at 8:30 AM – Each week there is a different leader.
  • Wednesday Scenic Ride Group leaves at 9:30 AM – Eric Wick will lead.
  • Thursday Scenic Ride Group leaves 9:30 AM – Dave Wheeler will lead.  
  • Friday Hybrid/Scenic Ride – Group leaves at 9:30 AM – Mark Obukowicz** will lead.

Note: Ride leaders pick a route and destination each day.  If there is no group leader present, pick a leader, determine a route and destination and have a great ride!

Ride Right.  Slow Down.  Stay Sober.

 * The Tuesday ride leader is currently open.  Until a new leader is established, we do this the old way; arrive at the Shell station and pick a leader who determines that day’s ride.  If you are interested in leading the Tuesday ride, please email Dave Wheeler at for details.

** Mark will email you the details of his weekly route prior to the ride date.  To be included on his mail list, please send him your email address at .