The Northern Lights Snowmobile Club weekday club rides are starting! You do not need to be a club member to join our rides. All rides begin at the Three Lakes Shell gas station. Riders are expected to be fueled and oiled up and ready to leave at the appointed time. Our first ride is Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

Here is the current line up of schedule of rides:
Tuesday: Scenic Ride with Dave, 9:30 AM, 65 – 100 miles

Wednesday: Spirited Ride, with TBD, 8:30 AM, 150 – 200 miles
Wednesday: Scenic Ride, with Eric, 9:30 AM, 65 – 100 miles
Thursday: Scenic Ride with Dave, 9:30 AM, 65 – 100 miles

Thursday Ladies Ride with Sue and/or Kym, 10:00 AM, short lunch ride

Destinations are determined and announced the morning of the ride unless otherwise noted.

Due to any unexpected restaurant closures, pack an energy or protein snack and H2O.


If a ride leader is not present, pick a leader, pick a distination and have fun.


All riders are expected to ride responsibly.